On Wednesday 28 August 1946 a meeting was held in the Prince of Wales Hotel, Guildford. It was called by Mr F Pound, Hon Secretary of Brightwell Park BC. The meeting was chaired by Mr H Mills, Chairman of Brightwell Park B C.

The meeting discussed the forming of a league consisting of 3 fours per side to play on Saturday afternoons. The annual subscription to be 1 guinea.

Following this meeting club representatives were asked to explain the details to their individual clubs and return on Wednesday 25 September 1946. At this meeting eight clubs:-

Allen House, Brightwell Park, Coleford, Dennis Athletic, Godalming, Milford, Vickers Armstrong and Woodbridge Hill formed the West Surrey Bowls League.

Mr Harry Mills was elected Chairman and President of the new league.

From those early beginnings the Association, as it has become, now consists of 42 clubs lying or adjacent to the west of a line from Molesey in the north of Surrey to Capel in the south.

The Association now offers fixtures against other Associations which players from members clubs are eligible to participate in, Competitions, Leagues and an Annual Tour.