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Fixtures for 2018


Where clubs enter more than one team in a WSBA competition, players are restricted to play only for the first team they played for and cannot inter change between teams in the same competition

FINALS  at Knaphill

FRIDAY 10th August at 5.30pm

Quarter Finals to be  played on 27th July

at Stoke Park 6.15 start

Ashtead”B” v Old Dean

Godalming “A” v Merrow

Knaphill”C” v Camberley “A”

Knaphill”A” v Mytchett “B”


Semi Finals to be  played on 3rd August

at Ashtead 6.00 start  

FINAL standings -

Divisions 1 & 3                  Divisions 2 & 4

        LAST 16 to be played Friday 20th July 2018

        A             A1 Winner (H) Godalming A             A3 3rd Woodbridge Hill B

        B             A2 Winner (H) Woodbridge Hill A      A4 3rd Ashtead   B

        C             A1 2nd (H) Knaphill A                         A3 4th Bookham A   

         D            A2 2nd (H) Old Dean                          A4 4th Bookham B

         E             A3 Winner (H) Merrow                       A1 3rd Bramley                          

         F              A4 Winner (H) Knaphill C                  A2 3rd Camberley B  

         G              A4 2nd (H) Albury                             A1 4th Camberley A

         H               A3 2nd (H) Knaphill B                       A2 4th  Mytchett B